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Essentia: The Fusion of Speed, Expertise, and Trust

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Under the telecommunications umbrella, small cell installations and fiber-focused deployments have filled the need for increased bandwidth and uninterrupted wireless connectivity. Today, 5G telecom operators are clustering cell sites and fiber backbone infrastructure to deliver improved connectivity without needing to build more expensive macro sites. In this pursuit, operators not only face technical constraints related to time and cost but also encounter challenges with municipality regulatory approvals and conformation to a city’s aesthetic standards. Charlotte, N.C – based Essentia takes these obstacles head-on, armed with best-in-class tools such as drones and automated data management solutions. The firm enables carriers to connect their users to 5G networks in a faster, smarter, and more efficient manner, having completed small cell installation and fiber network deployment projects across 42 states.

Essentia stands apart from competitors, offering a combination of expertise, agility, and transparency across various small cell installations and fiber deployments. While engaging with a client — Essentia has worked with nearly all major carriers — the company starts with a process engineering strategy. This outlines the entire lifecycle of customers’ operational goals with business processes and prerequisites to provide a data-driven solution. The experts at Essentia have automated the data aggregation function within their ‘e-Speed technology platform’ to create a workflow pattern that streamlines relevant processes and deliverables of a customer’s small cell and fiber installation.
This approach enables Essentia to collect information from a wide variety of potential sources, such as off-the-shelf hardware/software, mapping information sources, customer databases, and more. The accumulated data is then uploaded to the cloud for automated document generation. One example of eSpeed’s output can be found in its acceleration of Site Candidate Information Package (SCIP) generation. “While the conventional, manual data collection process allows site engineers to create two or three SCIPs in a day, Essentia can generate one in 30 seconds,” explains Lindon Hayes, CEO of Essentia.

The company’s turnkey approach to small cell installations involves the use of the latest technologies and best practices to create an unmatched level of robustness and accuracy in data collection, storage, and automation. This helps Essentia eliminate onsite meetings, speed up CAD processes, and reduce the number of days to complete a deployment. For fiber deployments, the company utilizes drones to cover an average distance of 30 miles per day — generating 1,000 site photos per mile. This assignment would traditionally require a team of field engineers four to six weeks. In addition, the company’s ‘political playbook’ helps clients navigate through legal hurdles such as permitting and municipal code compliance.

To illustrate the efficacy of Essentia’s solutions, Hayes cites a case study where a client from Jacksonville, Florida, was struggling to meet a deadline for an upcoming airshow while working with another company. Essentia was called in on a Tuesday morning, and thanks to their swift strategic approach, was able to perform the entirety of site data collection via drone by Wednesday afternoon. The upshot was completing the 10,000-ft—project in about 60 days. “We are very nimble and flexible with how we approach any engagement. The company’s processes and systems are tailored to our client’s requirements,” adds Hayes.

Having set the pace in the industry for building superior 5G coverage and capacity in today’s environment with its proprietary platform and turnkey approach, Essentia continually catalyzes the growth of wireless technologies. The company is seeking to expand its innovation and automation capabilities with tools including a photo simulation app for small cell, which harnesses augmented reality technology. “Our goal is to be considered the best 5G vendor in the country. Not necessarily the largest, but the best, and that is what we are focused on,” concludes Hayes.
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Charlotte, NC

Lindon Hayes, CEO & Founder and Jarrod Hayes, CEO & Founder

Essentia is setting the pace for telecom — innovating beyond legacy processes with next-level tools and technology. From Fiber to Small Cell, they're connecting carriers to 5G faster, smarter, and more efficiently than ever before. Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Essentia has planted roots across the country, with remote offices and teams united by a dynamic culture. At the core of any successful network you’ll find great people. And Essentia believes they've found the best. Entrepreneurial at its core, Essentia is taking a Silicon Valley-inspired approach to disrupting telecom. Taken in tandem with turnkey solutions and an integrated service operation, they're leading the industry toward a smarter way to wireless