DraftPros: Revolutionizing the Telecommunications Space

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Karel Gomez, Managing Member, DraftProsKarel Gomez, Managing Member
The telecom network industry is working through the development of 5G infrastructures and enhancement of existing 4G networks, which present opportunities for telecom engineering and construction companies. Small cell base stations are growing contributors to the 4G and 5G infrastructures as a result of their cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance. However, with its deployment, there has been a string of complications. The challenge is how we backhaul such base stations and the associated costs. Small cell base stations are mounted low above the ground and are technically not as effective as they require a clear line-of-sight between the two nodes of the microwave link. This is difficult to provide in urban areas where small cells are deployed below building rooflines. In addition, small cells will have to comply with a host of strict regulations and meet certain demands from local jurisdictions that are concerned about the pervasive new technology. This is where DraftPros is carving out a niche—the company offers an integrated, seamless experience for a client’s telecom needs for both wired and wireless networks distributed antenna system (DAS), Wi-Fi, and 4G/LTE.

Since its inception in 1998, DraftPros has positioned itself as a leading service provider within the telecommunications industry by assisting major carriers in designing and building the infrastructure of their 4G or 5G networks. The experts at DraftPros possess the cumulative experience of over 75 years in the telecom industry and adopt a consultative approach in assisting clients. The company’s goal is to increase value in the wireline and wireless industries by managing construction effectiveness, one project at a time. At the time of implementation, DraftPros ensures not only to advise the client but also to educate the local jurisdiction about the effective deployment of the small cells and how they are beneficial for them.
“Involving the jurisdiction and partnering up in some of the deployments is the key to the successful implementation of a small cell network,” says Gustavo Gordillo, founder, and Karel Gomez Managing Member of DraftPros.

Involving the jurisdiction and partnering up in some of the deployments is the key to the successful implementation of a small cell network

The company is one of the pioneers of small cell engineering and has a firm footing in it since small cells became an initiative of all the Wireless Carriers. The firm embodies a factory manufacturing method; where the production takes place in various phases and appoints sufficient staff to a project in order to successfully deliver the volumes. The business is fluid as every jurisdiction varies in terms of its criteria, and the firm has long dealt with the various specifications for site acquisitions and installations. Subsequently, DraftPros has gained a lot of expertise in understanding a particular jurisdiction’s requirements in order to create a design and provide a small cell solution. The firm has formalized a highly efficient system that delivers the customers’ needs much faster. DraftPros focuses only on the telecommunications sector, unlike other firms that branch out to multiple sectors.

DraftPros is among the top ten telecommunications service provider in the U.S., and they have reached this height by assisting several clients in this domain. For instance, a Dallas-based firm was able to deploy 118 small cell units in 2017 and had an aggressive target for 2018. They needed the help of an organization that had streamlined processes. DraftPros came in and because of their efficiency, processes, procedures, and expertise in this field, they quadrupled the production for its client and deployed 1900 small cell units.“We outperformed the competition. We don’t sacrifice price to earn business. What we do is deliver a quality product at a higher rate than others,” says Luis E. Catasus, Executive VP of DraftPros.The organization is looking forward to expanding geographically in the southeastern U.S.and along the West Coast. While focusing on increasing its services, the firm will be implementing and growing its 4G and 5G networks as well as support its customers in those areas.