Era of Digital Transformation: Why You Need To Embrace the Cloud

By Scott Hoffpauir, CTO, BroadSoft

Scott Hoffpauir, CTO, BroadSoft

Digital transformation is no longer just the latest buzzword – it’s already impacting the business landscape. In fact, Markets and Markets predicts that digital transformation will be worth $493 billion by 2022, meaning that it must be at the top of the agenda for global executives this year. But what does digital transformation mean, exactly? The definition lends itself to many interpretations depending on the industry and an organization’s structure. Though in most contexts, it is the use of new technology to improve performance of an organization. 

Businesses today recognize that cloud communications are a crucial part of achieving digital transformation. Being the provider of a business portfolio of cloud PBX, unified communications, team collaboration and contact center solutions that helps businesses realize digital transformation, BroadSoft has witnessed this transition first hand. 

"Businesses today recognize that cloud communications are a crucial part of achieving digital transformation"

With more than half (51 percent) of businesses expected to adopt cloud unified communications (UCaaS) by 2020, premise-based PBX systems are on the way out. In fact, according to IDC, spending on IT infrastructure products for deployment in cloud environments will increase about 20 percent, while spending on traditional, non-cloud, IT infrastructure will decline by 3.3 percent in 2017. 

As businesses are coming into the digital age, cloud adoption should be the highest priority. The BroadSoft mission is to empower businesses and employees to be ready for today’s modern workplace and the ability to work from anywhere and on any screen. 

The following section breaks down the top two reasons to consider cloud communications solutions: 

1. Collaboration is Paramount 

The workplace is changing – work is no longer done sitting in the office and making phone calls. Employees work remotely from all over the world and from different devices, which can lead to disconnected workflows and fragmented communications. This results in frustration, lost productivity and wasted time. The cloud helps mitigate this and serves as the connection nucleus for communications.
Teams are able to cohesively work together regardless of location and time zones. We have found time and time again that better collaboration capabilities make happier teams. 
Businesses today recognize that cloud communications are a crucial part of achieving digital transformation

2. Connectivity is Non-Negotiable 

With millennials now working professionals, workforce demographics aren’t what they used to be. Business decision-makers must bridge the gap between the new workforce and old. The cloud is an ideal solution for this issue, as it enables an on-the-go generation of workers to work from anywhere on any device and on their own schedules. And if mobile devices weren’t enough, the ecosystem for the Internet of Things is only growing. In fact, Gartner predicted that 8.4 billion connected “things” were going to be in use worldwide this year –a 31 percent increase from 2016, so that’s a multitude of apps, devices and platforms needing to seamlessly connect and work together. 

While cloud adoption can enable an organization to digitally transform, cloud-based unified communications are what can make the difference. Our BroadSoft Business portfolio of fully integrated cloud communications solutions supports both large enterprises and SMBs. The portfolio is a trusted solution, too, with 25 out of the world’s top 30 service providers using the platform to deliver secure and reliable cloud services globally. We created BroadSoft Business keeping in mind the way we prefer to work internally – with seamless collaboration and connectivity. Below are the applications available within the BroadSoft Business portfolio: 


BroadSoft UC-One is a suite of communications and collaboration apps that provide integrated business phone services, messaging, audio and video conferencing, screen sharing and more. The platform offers a range of different mobile applications that work seamlessly across devices. 


BroadSoft Team-One drives team efficiency and offers all the tools needed to enable productivity like group chats, file sharing and more. Internal and external teams can collaborate across the globe on any device. 


Contact centers are rapidly becoming a strategic corporate asset where productivity can be maximized and sales and service business outcomes can flourish. CC-One is an omni-channel, cloud contact center solution that uses predictive analytics to lower operating costs and boost business performance. CC-One also can assist organizations using legacy systems to gradually migrate to the cloud – enabling the digital transformation. 

Why it matters 

The BroadSoft Business portfolio supports our customers’ journeys through digital transformation by providing the collaboration tools needed to increase team and business productivity. In order for organizations to remain competitive, they must turn to the cloud. When teams are functioning at a rate of high efficiency, it is felt throughout the entire organization, as it in turn positively impacts customer satisfaction, team morale and the organization’s bottom line.

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